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best greenhouses for cold climates

Best Greenhouses for Cold Climates

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Colder regions present unique challenges when it comes to greenhouse gardening. And that’s why we’ve meticulously selected the best greenhouses for cold climates.

From discussing the importance of sturdy construction and superior insulation to exploring features like automated ventilation and snow-resistant designs, we’re here to help you find the perfect winter haven for your greenery.

Join us as we delve into the world of robust and efficient greenhouses, tailored for those who refuse to let a little snow dampen their gardening spirits.

What this article covers:

Best Greenhouses for Cold Climates

Hoklartherm Riga XL 9 Greenhouse

The Hoklartherm Riga XL 9 stands as a testament to superior design and functionality, especially tailored for gardeners who confront the challenges of extreme winter conditions.

This greenhouse isn’t just about its striking appearance; its distinctive onion shape is a strategic choice, ingeniously crafted to prevent the accumulation of snow on its surface and to offer remarkable resistance against fierce winds.

In our experience, this design not only enhances its durability but also ensures that your plants are protected from the harsh elements outside.

The Riga XL 9 boasts 16mm triple-wall Polycarbonate glazing, a feature that significantly outperforms the standard offerings in most greenhouses.

This thick glazing plays a pivotal role in insulation, creating a warm and stable environment that is ideal for plant growth throughout the year.

best outdoor greenhouse for winter

Complementing this is the inclusion of heavy-duty rubber seals, which further augment the greenhouse’s ability to retain heat, ensuring that your plants remain snug and flourishing even as the temperature outside plummets.

With a wind tolerance of 120 mph and a snow capacity of 30 PSF ground snow load, it’s clear that this greenhouse is built to endure. Additionally, the large barn-style doors and automatic roof vent openers enhance its functionality, providing easy access and effective ventilation.


  • Sturdy construction withstands strong winds and heavy snow
  • Superior insulation with 16mm triple-wall Polycarbonate
  • Large barn-style doors for easy access
  • Automatic roof vent openers for optimal ventilation
  • Impressive wind tolerance of 120 mph

Best For

  • Serious gardeners in areas with harsh winters
  • Those needing a spacious and durable greenhouse
  • Gardeners interested in growing a wide range of plants, including exotics

Exaco Livingten Insulated Glass Greenhouse

The Exaco Livingten Insulated Glass Greenhouse is the epitome of luxury and functionality, designed for gardeners who seek an elegant space for their plants and a stylish extension of their outdoor living area.

This greenhouse stands out with its 22mm dual-pane glass, a significant upgrade from the standard glazing used in typical greenhouses. This thick, double-layered glass is key to creating a stable and warm microclimate, ideal for a wide range of plants.

It effectively traps heat inside, ensuring your plants are protected from the biting cold, while also preventing cold drafts from entering. The thermo-insulated aluminum profiles complement the glass, further enhancing the greenhouse’s ability to maintain a consistent internal temperature.

The elegant structure is equipped with two double sliding doors, located on a gable end and a sidewall, offering convenient access from multiple sides. This feature is particularly useful in snowy conditions, ensuring that one entrance is always accessible.

greenhouse for cold climates

The greenhouse also boasts an impressive array of ventilation options, including copious roof vents and pop-out side windows, ensuring that your plants receive fresh air without compromising the internal warmth.

The interior roll-up shade curtains allow for precise control over sunlight exposure, making it easy to create the perfect environment for your plants.


  • Best insulated glass greenhouse in the USA
  • Thermo-insulated frame profiles for maximum warmth retention
  • Double sliding doors for easy access and natural ventilation
  • Interior roll-up shade curtains for sunlight control
  • Aesthetic design with metal finials

Best For

  • Gardeners seeking a blend of luxury and functionality
  • Those in climates with extreme temperature variations
  • Enthusiasts who enjoy hosting social events in a garden setting

Hoklartherm Riga XL 5 Greenhouse

The  Hoklartherm Riga XL 5 is a formidable winter greenhouse for gardeners braving the rigors of heavy winters and tumultuous weather. Its standout feature, the Gothic arch shape, is not just aesthetically pleasing but also functionally superior.

After putting it to the test, we’ve found that this design efficiently prevents snow accumulation on the roof and offers exceptional resistance to strong winds, making it an ideal choice for storm-prone areas.

The structure’s resilience is further bolstered by its 16mm triple-wall Polycarbonate glazing. This thick, multi-layered glazing provides outstanding insulation, keeping the internal environment warm and conducive for plant growth, even when the outside temperatures are unforgiving.

greenhouses that can withstand snow and wind

The inclusion of wide, heavy-duty barn-style doors on both ends of the greenhouse is a thoughtful touch. These doors, measuring 37.5 inches in width and 74 inches in height, not only facilitate easy access for gardeners but also allow for the smooth movement of large gardening tools and equipment.

This feature is particularly useful for those who engage in extensive gardening activities and need to transport soil, large plants, or machinery in and out of the greenhouse.

The Riga XL 5 also comes equipped with four roof vents, each with an automatic opener that operates without electricity, ensuring effective ventilation and temperature regulation.


  • Gothic arch design for high wind and snow tolerance.
  • 16mm triple-wall Polycarbonate for excellent insulation.
  • Two large barn-style doors for accessibility.
  • Automatic roof vent openers for effective temperature control.
  • Strong wind tolerance of 120 mph.

Best For

  • Gardeners in regions with severe winter conditions.
  • Those needing a greenhouse that can withstand heavy snowfall.
  • Gardeners who use large equipment and require easy access.

What Is the Best Type of Greenhouse for a Cold Climate?

In our experience, the ideal greenhouses for cold climates are those that expertly blend sturdy construction, superior insulation, and efficient ventilation.

A robust frame, typically made from high-grade aluminum or galvanized steel, is essential to withstand heavy snow and strong winds.

greenhouses for cold climates

This should be paired with thick glazing materials like Polycarbonate or insulated glass, which are crucial for heat retention and creating a warm environment for plants.

Plus, automated venting systems are indispensable for maintaining optimal internal temperature and humidity, ensuring a healthy growing space despite the cold external conditions.

What to Look for in a Cold Climate Greenhouse

Frame Material

The frame is the backbone of your greenhouse, so it’s crucial to choose a material that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Aluminum and galvanized steel are top choices due to their strength and resistance to corrosion. These materials are capable of supporting heavy snow loads and standing firm against strong winds, ensuring the structural integrity of your greenhouse.

Glazing Material

The glazing material is vital for both insulation and light transmission. Thick Polycarbonate or insulated glass are excellent options.

Polycarbonate is lightweight, strong, and provides good insulation, while insulated glass, though heavier, offers superior heat retention and can significantly reduce heating costs in colder climates.


Insulation is key to maintaining a stable temperature inside the greenhouse. The R-value of the glazing material indicates its insulating capability – the higher the R-value, the better the material is at retaining heat.

This is particularly important in cold climates where maintaining a consistent internal temperature is crucial for plant growth.


Effective ventilation is essential to prevent overheating and control humidity levels within the greenhouse.

best winter greenhouse

Automated roof vents are highly beneficial as they open and close in response to internal temperature changes, ensuring adequate air circulation without manual intervention.

Size And Layout

When it comes to the size and layout of a greenhouse, it’s important to tailor it to your specific gardening needs and the space you have available.

Larger greenhouses offer the luxury of space for a diverse range of plants, from small herbs to larger shrubs, and provide ample room for walking and working.

However, they also require more heating in cold climates, which can increase operational costs. The height of the greenhouse is another crucial factor, especially if you plan to grow tall plants or use hanging baskets.

Additionally, consider the availability and arrangement of shelving, as efficient shelving can significantly enhance your space utilization, allowing for more plants and better organization.

If you’re looking for something a little smaller, be sure to check out our guide on the best portable greenhouse for winter.

Door And Window Seals

The seals on doors and windows play a pivotal role in maintaining the internal climate of a greenhouse. Quality seals are essential for preventing heat loss, particularly in cold climates where every degree of warmth is valuable.

Look for greenhouses that feature well-sealed doors and windows, as these will ensure that warm air remains inside and cold air is kept out.

This not only helps in maintaining an optimal growing environment but also contributes to energy efficiency, reducing the need for excessive heating and thus lowering energy costs.

Snow And Wind Load Ratings

In regions that experience heavy snowfall and strong winds, the snow and wind load ratings of a greenhouse are critical. These ratings indicate the maximum amount of snow and wind pressure the greenhouse can withstand without sustaining damage.

best type of greenhouse for cold climate

A greenhouse with high snow and wind load ratings will have a stronger frame and more durable glazing, ensuring it remains intact and functional in severe weather conditions.

This is particularly important for ensuring the safety of both the plants inside and the gardeners who tend to them.

Foundation And Anchoring

A solid foundation is the cornerstone of a stable and durable greenhouse. It not only provides a level surface for the structure but also adds an extra layer of insulation at the base, which is crucial in cold climates.

A well-constructed foundation prevents the greenhouse from shifting over time, which can lead to structural issues or glass breakage. Proper anchoring of the greenhouse is equally important, especially in areas prone to high winds.

Secure anchoring ensures that the greenhouse remains firmly in place, providing peace of mind and long-term stability regardless of the weather conditions outside.

Whether you choose the robust Hoklartherm Riga XL 9, the elegant Exaco Livingten Insulated Glass Greenhouse, or the sturdy Hoklartherm Riga XL 5, you’re investing in a year-round gardening oasis. Be sure to stay warm with one of our greenhouse kits.

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