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Best Greenhouse Kits

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Welcome, green thumbs and garden dreamers! It’s a beautiful day to talk about the best greenhouse kits on the market. Over the years at Greenhouse Emporium, we’ve nurtured seedlings into lush green sanctuaries. We’ve battled frosty winters, hot summers, and everything in between. From our experience, we know a quality greenhouse kit is the game-changer your garden needs.

Now, let’s delve into the world of greenhouses! Be it for protecting your tender tulips or propagating plump tomatoes, the right greenhouse kit makes all the difference. But with a jungle of options out there, which one should you choose? According to our research, some greenhouse kits shine brighter than others. We’ve done the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Ready to give your green dreams the home they deserve? Let’s help you find your perfect match in the world of greenhouse kits. Welcome to your greenhouse journey; let’s grow together!

What this article covers:

The importance of a quality greenhouse

best greenhouse kits

Just like a painter needs a surface to work on, a gardener needs the right conditions to make their green dreams come true.

From what we’ve seen, the best greenhouse material can make all the difference in the world. It’s not just about having a building; it’s also about giving your green friends a safe place to live.

Quality materials keep your plants safe from bad weather and pests and give them the right amount of light and warmth to grow.

Polycarbonate and glass greenhouses are both durable and let in a lot of light, so your plants will get the care they deserve.

The small wonder: embracing a mini greenhouse

Don’t let the lack of room stop you from having a garden.

Small greenhouses can be a big blessing!

best greenhouse

A small greenhouse is made to fit well and work well, whether you have a small porch or yard. They’re perfect for starting seeds, growing exotic herbs, or even fostering a mini citrus grove.

Trust us, size doesn’t limit the wonders of a greenhouse, and you can do a lot with a mini greenhouse kit.

A nod to the classics: Victorian large greenhouse

These are more than just gardens; they’re a show of style and class. Their high-pitched roof panels, antique design, and outdoor space efficiency make them an elegant choice.

Victorian greenhouses just make your yard look better while giving your plants plenty of space and the right conditions to grow.

best greenhouses

Greenhouse kit reviews

A yard is like an orchestra in that every part works well with the others. All of the parts of a good greenhouse kit need to work together for the plants to grow in harmony.

But what are these things that are important?

Let’s look at some awesome greenhouse kits on the market, paying attention to their unique features and how they meet different growing needs.

Janssens: elegance meets durability

Janssens greenhouse kits are known for their clean looks and strong frames. They also come in polycarbonate versions for an extended growing season, better light diffusion, and better insulation. 

Let’s dig deeper into why greenhouse kits from Janssens bring such joy to gardeners.

Strength of structure

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Janssens is how strong their buildings are. Their metal frames don’t just look cool; they can also handle nature’s bad moods.

The strength of the greenhouse frame of a large greenhouse is like the backbone that holds up all the plants that grow inside. An aluminum frame is best for this job because it is strong and won’t rust. It’s not too heavy, but it’s wind-resistant and weather-resistant enough to stand up to strong weather and big snow loads.

greenhouses review

From what we’ve seen, greenhouses with metal frames, like the ones sold by Janssens, are long-lasting and still look good. Plus, it doesn’t need much care, so you can spend more time taking care of your young plants.

An aluminum frame can hold its own when it comes to being strong, durable, and easy to take care of. After all, a strong yard starts with a strong building.

Replacement greenhouse glass

The unique selling point of Janssens is their provision of replacement greenhouse glass. If a mischievous stone or a hailstorm takes out a panel, you can easily get a replacement, and your own greenhouse is as good as new.

Balance of light and temperature

With the right amount of glass, they get the right amount of light and warmth, which are both important for plant growth.

The process of photosynthesis, which is how plants turn light energy into chemical energy, is all about light. It helps them grow, shapes how they change, and affects their health as a whole. Too much light, on the other hand, can cause plants to get too hot, while too little light can slow growth and stop them from blooming.

best backyard greenhouse

A well-designed greenhouse, like the ones made by Janssens, finds the right balance by using high-quality materials that let in a lot of light and keep the temperature inside the greenhouse from changing too much.

Riga: built to last

Next, we go into Riga’s world, who is a fan of staying strong. Riga greenhouse kits are made to survive nature’s mood swings, giving your plants a safe place to grow all year long. Are you ready to find out what makes Riga such a strong city?

All-weather tough

Riga’s reputation is well-earned when it comes to being strong in all kinds of weather. Riga stands tall and protects your plants, whether there is a snowstorm or a heat wave.

Thick Plexiglas greenhouse kit

How thick should polycarbonate be for a greenhouse? With its 10mm and 16mm thick plastic walls, Riga gives a good solution to that question. These polycarbonate panels are very well-insulated, and they use rubber seals to keep the greenhouse even tighter, which makes Riga one of the best choices for greenhouse kits.

Best material to build a greenhouse

Riga utilizes high-quality, UV-coated polycarbonate panels and reinforced aluminum frames; a strong contender for the best material to build a greenhouse.

greenhouse reviews

Because these materials are so strong, your own greenhouse will be able to withstand bad weather without losing its style. UV-coated plastic lets in a lot of light, which helps plants grow.

Our research shows that Riga’s choice of materials makes it one of the best greenhouse kits because it is strong, lasts a long time, and has great growing conditions. Because it cares so much about quality, Riga really stands out.

Mont: versatility at its best

Meet Mont, the garden kit that can do everything. Mont’s mixes style and longevity; that’s the secret to their easy flexibility. Want to know what makes Mont go? Let’s find out.

Easy installation

We absolutely love how easy Mont makes it to set up. You can save time and work with a Mont greenhouse kit. They’re great for both new and experienced farmers.

Greenhouse shade cloth recommendations

Mont understands the importance of shade for certain plants. Unlike most others, Mont’s shade cloth goes on the inside of the greenhouse rather than the outside. So their specifically designed shade cloth doesn’t interfere with the Mont automatic vent openers. With their greenhouse shade cloth recommendations, you can provide your plants with the right amount of sunlight they need.

best heavy-duty greenhouse kits


Like a Swiss Army knife, Mont’s yard gardening tools can be used for a wide range of farming chores. Because it is easy to set up and has features that can be changed, Mont is the best choice for gardeners who want a flexible, hassle-free greenhouse gardening experience. Its form strikes a good mix between strength and good looks.

Also, Mont is made for different weather situations, so it can be used in many different places. Whether you’re new to growing or an old pro, Mont’s all-around method makes sure that your time in the greenhouse is both productive and fun. In fact, Mont is where flexibility and farming come together.

Mont strikes a balance in every way, whether it’s insulation, sturdiness, or style. This makes it a good choice for all gardeners.

Solexx: boost your garden productivity

If you’re looking to ramp up your garden’s productivity, look no further than Solexx. With their exceptional insulation and light diffusion capabilities, Solexx greenhouses help extend your growing season. Let’s explore how Solexx can boost your garden’s productivity.

Exceptional light diffusion

Solexx stands out for its exceptional light diffusion. So your plants will get an even amount of light, which helps them grow better and healthier.

best green house


Searching for an insulated greenhouse kit? Look no further. Solexx offers superior insulation, perfect for cooler climates.

The high-density polyethylene used to make the twin-wall plastic Solexx greenhouse cover is formed into a shape that looks like folded cardboard but has the durability of plastic. The cover is insulated and can stand up to almost any kind of weather.​​

Insulation in a greenhouse is like a comforting hug for your plants. It’s essential because it helps to maintain stable internal temperature control, providing a cozy abode for your green flora. Insulation keeps the biting cold or scorching heat at bay, ensuring your plants stay happy and healthy, regardless of the weather outside.

From our experience, an insulated greenhouse extends your growing season, giving your green friends more time to grow and thrive. So, investing in good insulation isn’t just good for your plants; it’s a promise of fruitful seasons ahead. Remember, happy plants equal a happy gardener!

Boost productivity

The insulation and light diffusion capabilities of Solexx greenhouses mean your gardening season can be extended, allowing you to enjoy a productive and longer growing period.

In addition, the twin-wall Solexx paneling offers excellent light diffusion, ensuring all your plants receive an even distribution of light, minimizing shadow spots, and maximizing growth. In fact, Solexx paneling is specifically designed to be light-diffusing.

From our experience, a Solexx greenhouse is more than just a kit; it’s a productivity booster for your garden. Experience the Solexx difference today!

Lumen & Forge: a modern greenhouse kit

Last but certainly not least, we have Lumen & Forge. Breaking the traditional greenhouse mold, they offer a refreshing modern design that’s quickly gaining popularity. Let’s dive into the unique world of Lumen & Forge.

best home greenhouse

Modern design

Lumen & Forge breaks away from traditional greenhouse designs with its modern, dome-like structures. It’s a breath of fresh air for those looking for something different.


Despite being relatively new to the greenhouse scene, Lumen & Forge is quickly gaining popularity, especially among young couples looking to blend sustainable living with style.

Growing potential

Their unique design allows you to move the greenhouse easily, which is a massive bonus for budding greenhouse enthusiasts who haven’t nailed down their ideal location for optimum growth. This flexibility provides an excellent environment for plant growth.

Each of these greenhouse kits has something unique to offer. It’s essential to choose one that caters to your needs and the specific requirements of the plants you wish to grow. Remember, a greenhouse kit is an investment in your green dreams. Choose wisely!

Essential greenhouse accessories

No greenhouse is complete without the right accessories. They’re like the secret ingredients that turn a good gardening experience into a great one. From maintaining the perfect climate to helping your plants thrive, accessories for greenhouses play a crucial role in your gardening journey. Here’s our pick of accessories that we believe will elevate your greenhouse game.

best small greenhouse kit

Climate controllers: regulating the rhythm of your greenhouse

Maintaining temperature control and managing humidity is like conducting a symphony. A climate controller ensures that your greenhouse hits all the right notes. This invaluable accessory lets you control the internal environment, ensuring optimal growth conditions for your plants.

Cold frame kit: an extra layer of protection

A cold frame kit is like a cozy winter blanket for your plants. It provides additional protection against cold weather, making it an essential accessory, especially for colder climates. Moreover, it can also serve as a transition house for your plants, preparing them for the outside world.

best greenhouse kit

Shelves and benches: organize with style

Shelves and benches aren’t just about organizing your plants; they can add a dash of style to your greenhouse. Different designs cater to various needs. Some allow more light to reach the lower shelves, while others are adjustable, providing flexibility for your growing plants.

Geodesic greenhouses: the future of gardening

Geodesic greenhouses are a perfect accessory for those looking to level up their gardening game. With their dome-shaped design, they provide a unique and efficient growing environment. They’re an investment that’s not just functional but can also be a statement piece in your garden.

best rated greenhouses

Large greenhouses for sale: when size does matter

When it comes to greenhouses, size does matter! If you’re planning on a large scale or want to try your hand at growing a variety of plants, consider our large greenhouses for sale. These allow you to cultivate a diverse range of plants under one roof.

Choosing the right accessories for your greenhouse enhances its functionality and your gardening experience. It’s all about making the most of your green space and turning it into a productive, enjoyable sanctuary. Happy accessorizing!

best hobby greenhouse

Conclusion: the garden of your dreams is just a greenhouse kit away

As we’ve explored, the perfect greenhouse is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. It depends on your gardening needs, your climate, and your personal style. Whether it’s the elegance and durability of Janssens, the robustness of Riga, the versatility of Mont, the productivity boost from Solexx, or the modern aesthetics of Lumen & Forge, each greenhouse kit offers unique benefits. Finding the best greenhouse kit is all about understanding these advantages and matching them to your gardening goals.

Remember, the joy of gardening lies not just in the harvest but in the journey. And with the right greenhouse kit, this journey becomes a whole lot more enjoyable and rewarding.

We hope this guide has helped you get one step closer to flexing your green thumb in your dream greenhouse. But the exploration doesn’t have to stop here!

Want more greenhouse magic in your life? Hop over to Greenhouse Emporium’s website to dig deeper into each kit, explore our extensive range of greenhouse accessories, and get personalized advice from our team of greenhouse aficionados. Let’s sow the seeds of your gardening dreams together!

Did you find this article helpful? If you’ve ever built your own greenhouse, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know what worked for you and what didn’t in the comments!
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