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Solexx Garden Master Greenhouse Review

Solexx Garden Master Greenhouse Review

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 After my husband Burt and I retired, we decided to get back to our passion full time. It was time to do reinvigorate our hobby gardening. However, we had a hard time trying to find a greenhouse that fit our needs. Then, our neighbor suggested that we try the Solexx Garden Master Greenhouse and we have not looked back since.

Both Burt and I are hobby gardeners, meaning we prefer only exceptional gardening supplies. The Solexx Greenhouse that we bought checks off all the boxes. Firstly, this greenhouse is spacious, just like the greenhouse reviews we had read before our purchase. Its outer walls are 6’6’’ tall and, it has a gable design that peaks at 8’9’’, which Burt really appreciates he is a tall veteran. Moreover, this design is great for our tomato and cucumber plants.

Secondly, these greenhouse kits have twin-wall 3.5 mm  Solexx light diffusing panels that provide outstanding insulation, because our energy bills have remained very reasonable. Thirdly, we cannot get enough of its innovative framing, which offers the robustness of steam-beam construction. Moreover, due to the white color of the greenhouse covering our plants grow comparatively fast because of the light-diffusing nature of Solexx covering.

Interior view of greenhouse, wire shelves filled with plants running length of both side walls, fan visible on rear wall

Two other awesome features of this greenhouse are the hanging rods and double-tiered full-length bench frames. Each of the benches can hold up to 500 lbs. while the rods can handle 200 lbs each. Together, the rods and benches give us adequate space to fit all our crops plants and room enough to overwinter our hanging baskets.

Other features of this Solexx Greenhouse that you are going to love include a hardy built-in base, steel fittings that are easy to assemble and large air vents. In addition, The Solexx greenhouse kits are available in four different sizes: 8ft × 8ft, 8ft × 12ft, 8ft × 16ft and 8ft × 24ft; meaning there is an appropriately sized greenhouse for everyone. 

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Jesse James

Jesse James, an Army Veteran, now shares his passion for gardening through engaging articles on Greenhouse Emporium. Leveraging his experience and love for nature, Jesse provides practical advice and inspires others on their gardening journey.

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