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how to secure a greenhouse from wind

How to Secure a Greenhouse From Wind

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If you’ve ever faced the challenge of protecting your greenhouse from strong winds, you know it’s no small task. As experts in gardening and greenhouse maintenance, we’re here to provide you with practical and effective strategies to shield your greenhouse from wind damage.

Let’s dive into the essentials of how to secure a greenhouse from wind, ensuring your plants remain safe and your structure stays intact.

Selecting the Right Location and Greenhouse Type

Strategic site selection for wind protection

The first step in windproofing your greenhouse starts before a single pane of glass is in place. Choosing the right location is crucial.

From our experience, the ideal spot for your greenhouse is one that’s naturally shielded from prevailing winds. Think about positioning it near natural windbreaks like hedges or buildings. Don’t forget that your plants still crave sunlight, though, so balance is key!

Choosing wind-resistant greenhouse materials and designs

When it comes to materials, we’ve put several to the test. Polycarbonate panels and tempered glass come out on top for their resilience against wind. Polycarbonate panels are generally light and shatter-proof, while tempered glass greenhouses are built to withstand the elements. This makes them the best greenhouse roof material for windy areas. That being said, the overall quality of the structure itself is more important than the individual material.

how to protect greenhouse from wind

As for design, a dome greenhouse structure can effectively deflect wind, minimizing the risk of damage. That being said, if your greenhouse is installed safely and correctly, just about any design will do.

That’s because securing your greenhouse from wind involves a combination of strategic location selection, using wind-resistant materials, and implementing effective anchoring and reinforcement techniques. If you can achieve all of this, your greenhouse will stay safe and secure.

How to Windproof Your Greenhouse

Supplies you’ll need

For your windproofing project, make sure to have these essentials on hand:

  • W-clips or bar caps (for securing glazing)
  • Silicone sealant
  • Sturdy anchoring stakes or bolts
  • Wind netting or fencing materials (optional, for added protection)

Keeping wind out of your greenhouse

Inspect and secure panels

Begin by thoroughly inspecting each panel of your greenhouse. Ensure they are all intact and firmly in place.

Double up on w-clips

If your greenhouse makes use of W-clips, use two clips instead of one for each panel. This provides a stronger grip, reducing the chance of panels coming loose in strong winds.

Apply silicone sealant

Run a bead of silicone sealant along the edges where the panels meet the frame. This not only adds an extra layer of security but also helps seal any small gaps where wind might penetrate.

Ensure you check the manufacturer’s guidelines for your greenhouse before doing so, though. For example, we don’t recommend using silicone on the rubber seals on Jannsens greenhouses.

Regular maintenance of seals

Check the rubber seals around doors and vents. Over time, these can degrade. Replace any that are worn out to ensure a tight seal. This will also ensure continued proper ventilation for your greenhouse.

Frequent checks

After a windy day, do a quick check to ensure everything is still secure. This proactive approach can prevent small issues from becoming big problems.

How to reinforce greenhouse structures for wind resistance

Assess your greenhouse frame

Look at the existing structure of your greenhouse to determine the best reinforcement strategy.

greenhouse wind

Add internal bracing

Install additional metal or wooden bracing inside the greenhouse. Place these braces at strategic points where the frame can flex or is weaker. This is useful whether you’re installing a new greenhouse kit or converting a shed into a greenhouse.

Implement cross-bracing

Cross-bracing involves placing supports in an X-shape across panels. This significantly increases the structural integrity against wind pressure.

Secure the base

Ensure the base of your greenhouse is firmly attached to its foundation. If necessary, add extra bolts or anchors for increased stability.

Regular inspections

Regularly inspect the frame and reinforcements, especially after severe weather, to ensure they remain in good condition and effective.

How to protect against wind-borne debris and damage

Garden clean-up

Before a forecasted windy day, walk around your garden and secure any items that could become airborne. This includes tools, plant pots, and garden furniture.

Install protective barriers

In areas with frequent high winds, consider installing barriers such as wind netting or a wooden fence. These can deflect wind and provide a buffer for your greenhouse.

Use windbreaks

Planting hedges or shrubs as natural windbreaks can also be effective. They need to be positioned at a distance to avoid shading but close enough to offer protection.

Regular monitoring

Keep an eye on the weather forecasts and take preemptive action when high winds are expected. This proactive approach can save you from potential damage.

how to keep greenhouse from blowing away

Emergency plan

Have materials like plywood or extra netting on hand to quickly cover and protect exposed areas in case of sudden damage from wind-borne debris.

Anchoring and Foundation Strategies

Supplies you’ll need

For anchoring, gather concrete pier blocks, treated wood posts, bolts, and a level. These will form the foundation of your wind-resistant fortress.

How to anchor your greenhouse

Anchor your greenhouse to a solid foundation. This could mean bolting it to concrete slabs or securing it to heavy-duty ground anchors. The goal is to keep it grounded even when the wind does its worst. For more detailed instructions, be sure to check out our guide on how to anchor a greenhouse.

Preparing for Snow And Extreme Weather Conditions

Snow removal on a greenhouse roof

Snow accumulation can be just as threatening as wind. Regularly remove snow from the roof to prevent any structural strain. A long-handled broom usually does the trick without damaging the panels.

Handling heavy snow and extreme winds

For areas prone to heavy snowfall or extreme winds, additional reinforcements like metal cross-bracing or wood panel supports can be invaluable. They add rigidity and strength to the entire structure.

How to Protect a Greenhouse From Wind (FAQs)

How long can I expect my greenhouse to last?

With proper maintenance and care, a high-quality greenhouse like our Solexx greenhouse kits can last for decades, depending on the materials used and the environmental conditions it faces. If properly maintained, a glass greenhouse can last a lifetime.

Can I use regular glass in my greenhouse in a windy area?

We recommend against using regular glass in windy areas due to its fragility. Polycarbonate panels or tempered glass are safer and more durable options.

Is it necessary to reinforce a small greenhouse?

Yes, even small greenhouses benefit from reinforcement. Simple measures like anchoring and using extra clips can significantly increase wind resistance.

With your greenhouse fortified against the wind, why not explore the wide range of high-quality greenhouse kits and accessories available at Greenhouse Emporium?

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Jesse James

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