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Plant Caddie Hook
Plant Caddie Hook

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The Plant Caddietm by Riverstone Industries is the ultimate pulley system for your plants at home, on the balcony, or in a greenhouse. It allows you to raise and lower your hanging plants in a flash to water and care for them. A user-friendly pulley system with the only patented manual pull brake makes it easier to reach plants. No more maintenance hassles and no more worrying about your plants dying, you don’t even need to have a green thumb!

The Plant Caddietm is perfect for new construction with high ceilings, for the elderly as a safe alternative to standing on chairs to reach plants, and for anyone that loves the look, a healthy plant can make inside or outside of a home. The construction and design allow the Plant Caddietm to be used for other things around the house like bird feeders, storage baskets in the kitchen or garage or anything that a homeowner would want to hide when not being used.

Watering cans are heavy and messy and hoses are a chore, but with the Plant Caddietm, you can care for your hanging plants with just a simple pull on the brake cord as you guide the plant down with your other hand to a height you want. When the brake cord is released the Plant Caddietm locks in place and holds the plant stable. To retract is just as simple pull on the brake cord and push gently on the bottom of the plant pot. The super-strong reinforced material extends up to 42″ to reach as high as you need to. If you can put a secure hook into a ceiling you can use the Plant Caddietm.

Product Details

  • Set of 3 or 4 Plant Caddietm plant extenders
  • Manual pull brake allows the Plant Caddietm to stop where you want
  • Lower your plants into the sunlight
  • Holds up to 8lbs
  • Extends up to 4′
  • Weatherproof design for both inside and outside use: Constructed from UV stable plastic, steel, and aluminum
  • Grow fresh herbs inside, lower to clip
  • Ratcheting pulley system locks at any level: Effortlessly brings raised plants within easy reach
  • Simple up and down system allows you to water and tend planter baskets
  • Also works well for hummingbird feeders & bird feeders etc.
  • Multiple uses inside your house, greenhouse, garage, work shed, or outside
  • Retracts when you’re finished
  • Fits all standard size plant hangers
  • Lifetime warranty