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Benefits of GrowMax Filtration Systems

GrowMax Water created a simple and highly effective line of water filtration systems designed and engineered for the dedicated home gardener. They started as a group of gardeners who realized that the tap water they were using on their gardens contained chlorine and many other unacceptable contaminants.

Quality water is essential to quality plant growth in an organic or traditional garden. GrowMax filtration systems give you peace of mind knowing you are reducing the chlorine, pesticides, and other contaminants in water used for gardening. These systems are easy to use and attach quickly to existing water sources. They create no waste water.

Features of GrowMax Filtration Systems

  • Two-stage filtration systems eliminate 99% of chlorine, pesticides and VOCs
    • 1. Stage: MaxPur™ Sediment Filter – removes sediments and other solids in order to enhance the performance of CleanGreen™ Carbon Block Filter (second filter)
    • 2. Stage: CleanGreen™ Carbon Block Filter – removes chlorine and other contaminants
  • Beneficial for use in greenhouses, home gardens, community gardens, hydroponics, and anywhere clean water is required
  • Models range in ability to treat volume of 10,000 gallons to 25,000 gallons to 1ppm chlorine
  • Create zero waste water
  • Direct connect to water spigot or existing irrigation systems
  • UV-safe opaque housings prevent algae and bacteria growth
  • Weather resistant parts and construction
  • Easy to replace filters