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Greenhouses for Sale – How to Pick the Right One

Greenhouses for Sale - How to Pick the Right One

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Although greenhouse gardening used to be a reserve of commercial plant producers, this is no longer the case. Today, even small-scale gardening enthusiasts can own a greenhouse. But how does one choose from the many varieties of greenhouses for sale? 

Main Types of Greenhouses for Sale

To make the right purchase decision, you need to understand the different types of greenhouses available on the market today. Other factors to keep in mind while looking for a greenhouse include:

  • Your gardening needs
  • The amount of space available to you
  • What you intend to plant in your greenhouse
  • Whether you are going commercial or are looking to hone your in-house gardening skills

That said, the following are the main types of greenhouses for sale you should pick from: 

1. Traditional Greenhouses

With a metal frame, a rectangular shape, and a pitched roof, these type of greenhouses are ideal if you have adequate space. Traditional greenhouses maximize light and growing space, all the while blending in perfectly with the environment in which they are put up. 

2. Cold Frames

Otherwise referred to as mini greenhouses, a cold frame is best suited for hardening transplants and direct seed germination. Used with the right greenhouse kits, they work well in the early spring to prevent seedlings from perishing due to cold spring rains and frost. 

3. Barns

Similar in shape to traditional greenhouses, barns offer more headroom. As such, they are ideal for growing tall plants, vines, and climbers. They are also attractive and don’t require bases. 

4. Starter / Hobby Greenhouses 

Small and medium in size, Hobby Greenhouses are great for propagating starter plants and seeds before they are transplanted into garden beds. This type of greenhouse also works well as a potting shed to protect garden supplies.

5. Heptagonal Greenhouses

If you have a small garden, you might want to consider getting a heptagonal greenhouse. They are designed for minimalism in space and for nurturing tender and young plants. 

6. Grower Greenhouses 

Large and with adjustable shelving, growers are great for gardening crops to full term under shelter. They come with diffused and semi-diffused covering, making them perfect for curing harvested crops, preparing plants for storage, and propagating seeds. A great example is the Monticello Growers Edition Greenhouse.

7. Lean-to Greenhouses

Lean-tos are also good for small spaces because they’ll be supported by the exterior of your home or shed. Although the growing space is minimal, they offer excellent head height, meaning they are easy to work in.

8. Polythene Grow Racks

Made of clear polyethylene, these grow racks will provide limited protection from the cold temperatures of winter. They are easy to assemble and dismantle, making them suitable for bijou gardens and small spaces. 

Concluding Thoughts

Every garden and gardener is different. As you look for greenhouse kits for sale ensure you are well informed about the different types of greenhouses and the benefits/drawbacks of each variety. 

Need to learn more about greenhouses? Have something to add to this content? Join the discussion by leaving a comment in the section below. 

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