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Glass greenhouse with plants growing inside and the text: Types of Greenhouses

Types of Greenhouses

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In this blog post, we’ll discuss various types of greenhouses, taking you on a journey through diverse structures, each with its own unique charm and functionality.

From the classic elegance of Victorian greenhouses and the cozy allure of lean-to styles, to the futuristic aesthetic of Geodesic domes and the timeless grace of A-frame designs, every structure tells a story.

Whether you’re extending your living space, crafting an outdoor oasis, or stepping into sustained stylish living, we at Greenhouse Emporium are here to guide you with our expert insights and top-notch commercial greenhouses.

Let’s get started!

Interior of greenhouse and exterior a-frame greenhouse with text: Types of Greenhouses Garden Year-Round!

8 Types Of Greenhouse Structures

In our extensive journey at Greenhouse Emporium, we’ve explored, experienced, and embraced various types of green house building kits, each offering a unique charm and set of benefits.

Let’s delve into eight distinct types of greenhouse structures that have captured the hearts of gardeners like yourself worldwide.

types of greenhouse

1. Lean-to

Lean-to greenhouses, occasionally dubbed as ‘half greenhouses’ and the best mini greenhouse, due to their singular slanted roofs that meld with a building, can often become a harmonious extension of your backyard and home.

A lean to greenhouse doesn’t just offer a splendidly close connection to your garden but also provides swift access to electricity and water, making your gardening ventures both practical and enjoyable.

Drawing from our experience, these greenhouses aren’t merely about cultivation; they’re about enhancing living spaces. Recognizable as sunrooms, they offer an affordable living and growing space that can be tailored to appear as an integral part of your original house plan.

Lean-to greenhouses are a magnificent choice for those seeking to weave convenience with elegance.

Perks of a lean-to include:

  • Elevated sidewalls ideal for tall plants and shelving
  • Exceptional strength
  • Wind resistance
  • Capability to nurture plant growth throughout the winter months

Allow us to spotlight one of our cherished lean-to greenhouses: the Solexx 8ft x 16ft Harvester Greenhouse.

This small Solexx greenhouse is a durable option and a marvel of design, providing maximum gardening functionality with a smaller carbon footprint. With its 8-foot height, full-length shelving, and double hanging rods, it increases growing space splendidly.

hobby greenhouse

The Solexx Harvester is designed for longevity with its 10-year warranty, providing many years of fruitful growing seasons with its completely enclosed structure for maximum strength and light-diffusing, shatterproof double polyethylene glazing.

2. A-frame

As per our expertise, the A-frame greenhouse is one of the more traditional structures that have stood the test of time, continuing to be a popular choice among gardeners for its practicality, aesthetic appeal, and the efficient use of space and materials.

The A-frame greenhouse is often hailed for its ease of construction, making it a beloved choice among DIY enthusiasts and professional gardeners alike, and for good reason.

The peaked roof is an aesthetic choice while also serving a practical purpose, allowing snow to slide off easily and preventing accumulation that could potentially damage the structure in colder climates.

This design also maximizes vertical space, providing ample room for plants to grow upwards, which is especially beneficial for climbers and vining plants.

For instance, the MONT 8×12 Greenhouse, manufactured by Riverstone Industries, is a greenhouse made in USA that fits this criteria. It stands out with its robust frame that can withstand high wind and snow loads, using 55 lbs. more aluminum than the average imported greenhouse.

As a hobby green house, it features a:

  • heavy-duty frame
  • 8mm twin-wall Polycarbonate glazing on roof and walls
  • High-impact and UV-stable Polycarbonate glazing

Not only does it provide a sturdy, reliable structure, but it also sufficiently covers the frame and the polycarbonate side walls and roof, ensuring years of hassle-free indoor gardening.

The MONT 8×12 isn’t just your average A-frame greenhouse; it’s a durable, reliable, and beautifully designed space where your plants can thrive year-round.

geodesic dome greenhouse

3. Geodesic dome

Geodesic domes provide a warm, stable environment that plants absolutely adore, helping them bask in optimal sunlight thanks to their spherical design. They also boast a robust stance against harsh weather conditions, which is truly commendable.

Let’s take a moment to admire the Lumen & Forge 13ft Geodesic Dome, a statement piece that breathes life into any space it occupies. Its efficient geo dome greenhouse design ensures uniform airflow and stable temperature levels while maximizing light distribution, making it a sanctuary for your plants.

With a powder-coated steel frame and a 30 mil waterproof, flame-certified vinyl cover, this dome is designed to withstand wind and snow and evenly distribute weight, ensuring longevity and durability during the colder growing months.

When we trialed this product, we found that the absence of bulky inner support columns allowed it to span over a large area, providing ample free space beneath for various activities.

large greenhouse kit

4. Gothic arch

The Gothic arch greenhouse, with its pointed arches and an aura of grandeur, is both visually striking and a practical choice. It’s particularly adept at shedding snow, making it a stellar option for regions experiencing heavier snowfall.

Let’s delve a bit deeper into a specific model that has caught our attention and admiration at Greenhouse Emporium – the Hoklartherm Riga XL 9 Greenhouse 14×30 – one of the biggest greenhouse in our collection.

After putting it to the test, the Riga XL 9 is a true embodiment of both the aesthetic and functional qualities of Gothic arch greenhouses. With its robust frame, this large green house features a combination of superior materials and engineering.

As such, it provides a sturdy, reliable structure that can withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring your plants are protected year-round.

Its unique shape allows for maximum inside headroom, and the design allows for full use of the sidewall height, unlike many other greenhouses.

Furthermore, the polycarbonate glazing used in the Riga XL 9 is superior in safety and insulation, and it also prevents harmful UV exposure to your plants.

solexx greenhouses

5. Hoop house

Hoop houses, with their celebrated simplicity and affordability, have become a staple for many gardeners.

The key difference between a hoop house and a greenhouse is that hoop houses typically consist of curved pipes and a plastic covering and provide a protective, controlled environment for crops without the hefty price tag whereas greenhouses can utilize curved pipes and shapes and a variety of other designs too.

Let’s delve into a particular hoop house-like model that has garnered our appreciation at Greenhouse Emporium – the Solexx 8ft x 12ft Gardener’s Oasis Greenhouse.

The Gardener’s Oasis is one of many exceptional solexx greenhouses that encapsulate the simplicity and affordability of traditional hoop houses but also bring additional features to the table.

It’s designed with twin-wall 3.5mm Solexx panels, providing optimal insulation to create a thriving environment for plants in various weather conditions.

Based on our observations, its innovative design also allows for easy assembly and a sturdy structure that is resilient against strong winds and heavy snow. Furthermore, this greenhouse comes equipped with full-length hanging rods, offering additional space to nurture hanging plants.

greenhouse types

6. Victorian greenhouses

Are glass greenhouses better than plastic? In this case, it’s a resounding ‘yes’ from us. Victorian greenhouses, with their intricate designs, glass panels, and sturdy aluminum framework, offer an undeniable blend of durability and classic aesthetics, transporting us back to an era where elegance in design was paramount.

With that said, we at Greenhouse Emporium stand by the thickness and durability of TRIPLE-wall polycarbonate technology, which we utilize in the construction of our greenhouses.

The Janssens Royal Victorian VI46 Greenhouse in particular is one of the best indoor greenhouse kits, displaying the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail that Victorian greenhouses are celebrated for.

With its T-shaped design, this Victorian style greenhouse provides ample space, ensuring your plants have room to thrive while you have space to move, tend, and enjoy the lush surroundings.

We have found from using this product that the 4mm tempered glass and robust aluminum frame ensure durability, while the classic design, complete with a beautiful finial, provides an aesthetic that is undeniably charming and timeless.

With features like a sliding door, roof windows for ventilation, and the option to add accessories like shelving and seed trays, it’s designed to cater to the modern gardener while maintaining its classic appeal.

cold frame greenhouse

7. Cold frames

Is a cold frame the same as a greenhouse? Yes, they are. Cold frames are compact, ground-level structures that provide a cozy microclimate for your plants, acting as a miniature greenhouse that shields your tender plants from adverse weather.

Through our practical knowledge, cold frames are splendid for starting seeds earlier in the season and extending the growing period of your veggies and flowers, offering a protective haven where your plants can sprout and grow without the threat of frost or pests.

Let’s shine a spotlight on our favorite cold greenhouse: the Palram 4ft x 4ft Plant Inn – a comprehensive solution for compact gardening.

The unbreakable polycarbonate panels in this small cold frame for plants keep your green companions and their foliage safe from pests and the cold while allowing them to enjoy the best possible sunlight.

The side hinges of the Plant Inn are open for easy access and temperature control, ensuring your plants are always in a comfy environment.

With built-in storage space for all your gardening tools and accessories, it ensures everything you need is at your fingertips. It even includes two deep planting trays, internal water drainage, and plant hangers for trellising, ensuring your plants have the support they need to thrive.

different types of greenhouses

8. Chalets and orangeries

Chalets and orangeries, often embellished with ornate details and crafted from the finest materials, stand as a lavish sanctuary for you and your plants.

One exquisite example of quality greenhouse kits from our Chalet and Orangeries collection at Greenhouse Emporium is the Janssens T-Shaped Junior Victorian Orangerie.

This architectural masterpiece, with its T-shaped design, not only offers a generous space for your plants to flourish but also serves as a stunning focal point in your garden, blending functionality with timeless elegance.

Our analysis of this product revealed that the sturdy aluminum craftsmanship, paired with 4mm tempered glass, ensures durability, while its classic greenhouse Victorian style, complete with elegant black fittings, exudes a timeless aesthetic charm.

Did you find this article helpful? If you’ve ever built your own greenhouse, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know what worked for you and what didn’t in the comments!
Jesse James
Jesse James

Jesse James, an Army Veteran, now shares his passion for gardening through engaging articles on Greenhouse Emporium. Leveraging his experience and love for nature, Jesse provides practical advice and inspires others on their gardening journey.

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