Push-out Side Window for Janssens Greenhouses


Exterior view of a Janssens Push-Out Side Window
Push-out Side Window for Janssens Greenhouses $386.99$751.99

Push-out Side Window for Janssens Greenhouses

Are your greenhouse plants suffering due to a lack of fresh air? Do you want extra cross-ventilation in your greenhouse? A push-out side window for Janssens Greenhouses will provide an additional window for your greenhouse and is a great alternative to the louvered window.

The Push-Out Side Window for Janssens Greenhouses is specially designed for these elegant Victorian greenhouses. The top-hung window has a push-open design for easy use and can be installed on any Janssens greenhouse wall. Install one of these side windows and watch how plant health improves from the benefits of adequate ventilation.

The price includes one piece of glass that goes underneath the window. If you would like to purchase your own instead, please contact us for special pricing.

Product Details

  • Designed for Janssens greenhouses
  • Options:
    • Choose between manual and auto opener (non-electric)
    • Add a fly screen to prevent pesky insects from entering
  • Comes pre-assembled with no assembly required
  • Includes glass pane for use underneath the window
  • Dimensions: 28.5in wide x 39in high
  • Color: Black or Dark Green (to match the greenhouse color)
  • Made in Belgium