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Riverstone Industries Premium Educational Greenhouses

  • Specially designed to accommodate large groups
  • Commercial-grade 8mm twin-wall Polycarbonate
  • 2″ x 2″ galvanized steel frame with pre-welded stanchions
  • Complete package including all essential accessories for a functional greenhouse experience

This product is only available for custom order. Price will vary. 

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Mon-Sat 9am-5pm EST

At Greenhouse Emporium, we understand the unique needs of educational institutions, government agencies, and commercial enterprises in horticulture, which is why we are excited to showcase the Legacy Line of Educational Greenhouses from Riverstone Industries. This collection, including the Wallace, Whitney, Jefferson, and Thoreau models, honors significant figures in American history and agriculture and is engineered to seamlessly integrate into educational and professional environments.

Designed with precision to accommodate the demanding requirements of these sectors, our greenhouses merge top-quality, commercial-grade construction with the specific needs of our diverse clientele, ensuring each greenhouse is custom-tailored to provide the ultimate in functionality and educational value.

  • Structure: Sturdy 2″ x 2″ galvanized steel frame with pre-welded stanchions
  • Covering: Commercial-grade 8mm twin-wall Polycarbonate
  • Design: Specially designed to accommodate large groups, featuring a secure and durable environment, ideal for educational purposes
  • Accessories: A complete package including all essential accessories for a functional greenhouse experience.
  • Durability: 10-year warranty, with an expected lifespan of 15-20 years

Ideal for educational and commercial horticulture

Each Riverstone Industries Premium Educational Greenhouse is designed with the understanding that it’s more than a growing space – it’s a hands-on, interactive learning environment. From historical figures to modern agricultural practices, these greenhouses bridge the past and the present, providing an invaluable resource for educators and commercial growers alike.

Proudly Made In the USA!

Standard inclusions:

  • 2x 24″ motorized shutters for air circulation
  • 1x 18″ Quietaire industrial exhaust fan
  • 2x full-length commercial workbenches (3′ deep)
  • 1x two-stage commercial thermostat to control fan & shutters
  • 1x heater:
    • Wallace and Jefferson: 30,000 BTU LP high-efficiency gas heater (FSA-30) with a single-stage thermostat and a 3-inch vent pipe kit
    • Whitney and Thoreau: 240-volt electric heater with a built-in thermostat
  • 1x shade cloth (63%) with tie-down rope (size will exactly fit chosen greenhouse size)
  • 1x automatic and programmable watering system with timer
  • 1x lockable French glass security steel door (42″ wide x 84″ high)
  • Stamped and sealed drawings
  • Assembly manual

Make it a grower’s edition:

Upgrade to 8mm twin-wall Polycarbonate with the light-diffusing feature! It allows more light to be captured and used in the growing process, saving the energy needed for a lighting system.

Specific Editions:

  • Wallace Edition: Named after Henry Wallace, 33rd Vice President of the USA and Secretary of Agriculture. His work with high-yield hybrid corn helped save the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world.
  • Jefferson Edition: Honoring Thomas Jefferson, our 3rd President who helped pioneer greenhouse growing. He was the leading agriculturalist of his time.
  • Whitney Edition: Named after Eli Whitney, the inventor of the cotton gin, which revolutionized the cotton harvesting.
  • Thoreau Edition: In honor of Henry David Thoreau, American naturalist and writer. His observation of nature, society, and politics contributed significantly to the early environmental and organic farming movements.

Differences between editions in one glance

EditionSide wall heightCenter heightHeater
Wallace8′11.5′30,000 BTU gas heater
Whitney8′11.5′240-volt electric heater
Jefferson6′9.5′30,000 BTU gas heater
Thoreau6′9.5′240-volt electric heater

Product Details

  • Available sizes:

    • Wallace & Jefferson: 16×24 and 16×30
    • Whitney & Thoreau: 12×18 and 12×24

  • Frame material: Galvanized steel
  • Covering material: 8mm twin-wall Polycarbonate (can be upgraded to light diffusing panels)
  • Wind tolerance: 90 mph – will be modified to your needs
  • Snow capacity: 10 lbs – will be modified to your needs
  • Stem wall: Not supported by manufacturer
  • Expandable: No
  • Rainwater gutter system: No
  • Frame color: Steel/silver
  • Warranty: 10 years (roof and walls)
  • Assembly: Professional assembly highly suggested
  • Made in USA

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