Paragon Novara Pergola 10′ x 12′

Paragon Novara Pergola 10′ x 12′

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Are you looking for a pergola with versatility? Something to block the sun, rain, or to let in some sun and airflow? Then Paragon’s Novara Pergola 10′ x 12′ is exactly what you’ve been searching for! This versatile structure is making a trend in the garden scene. It combines a conventional open roof pergola and a pavilion with a closed roof. With its unique two-panel louver arrangement, you will be in charge of your personal shade.

Take control of the sunlight and ventilation. Manually adjust the louver that fits your need. Open the louvered roof using the rocker or the handle attached to the controller and simply clip and rotate clockwise or counterclockwise to close and open anytime you want.

Don’t spoil your parties from unexpected rain showers or any weather disturbances. Enjoy a cool breeze because the louvered roof system blocks out most of the heat and make the underneath space much cooler. It is the best solution from the sun’s harmful rays and even protection from the rain. This structure is weather and rust resistant which will last for a long time.

Enjoy an attractive addition to your garden. It adds a level of functionality and beauty to your outdoor area compared to a traditional pergola. It can even withstand winds of up to 80mph. Experience the Paragon Novara benefits all year round.

Product Details

  • Manually adjust the louver
  • With a unique two-panel louver system
  • Powder coated finish
  • Flat roof style
  • Anchored installation
  • Fire and plant pit compatible
  • Included:
    • Bracket
    • Anchor / Mounting kit
    • Trim / Molding
    • Arch kit
  • Resistant to:
    • Warp
    • Crack
    • Rot
    • Rust
    • Mildew
    • Ultraviolet
    • Fade
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Frame color: Gray
  • Exterior Dimensions: 11′ 10″ wide x 9′ 7″ length x 7′ 8″ high
  • Interior Peak Height: 7′ 6″
  • Interior Walkin Height: 7′