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Palram Hybrid 6ft x 6ft Hobby Greenhouse

Palram Hybrid Greenhouses bring you the best of both worlds – diffused overhead sunlight for optimal growth and crystal-clear side panels to show off the results.

Palram Hybrid 6ft x 6ft Hobby Greenhouse


The Palram Nature Hybrid Series 6ft x 6ft Greenhouse kit is an ingenious balance of two advanced Polycarbonate panels for the optimum environment.

The crystal clear side panels offer over 90% transmission for growth, while the 4mm twin-wall roof blocks up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays to prevent plant burn.

Hybrid Hobby Greenhouses include:

  • Adjustable roof vent
  • Rain gutters
  • Lockable door handle with magnetic catch
  • Galvanized steel base

Add to that a ton of features, and the Nature Hybrid greenhouse is perfect for any growing enthusiast. The integrated rain gutters and downspout disperse rainwater to the ends, making it ideal for water conscious gardeners to collect. A roof vent and door with magnetic catch keep air flowing, helping you control the temperature and humidity in your greenhouse.

Please watch this video for a walkthrough of the Hybrid Series!

The complete accessory package includes (as seen on video):

  • Plant hangers
  • Automatic roof vent opener
  • Shade kit
  • Shelf kit
  • Heavy-duty shelf kit
  • Steal workbench

When it comes to set-up, this house is designed as a do-it-yourself project without the need for special tools, so you’ll be ready to start growing in no time. A smart panel slide and lock system connect the frame precisely and quickly into place and Polycarbonate panels slide easily into profile channels. The aluminum frame is durable, maintenance-free, and rust resistant allowing you to focus on growing instead of maintaining your greenhouse.

Palram also offers a complete line of accessories designed to make your Nature Hybrid greenhouse more productive, space-saving, and protective against the elements.