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Palram Canopia Hybrid Greenhouse

Palram – Canopia Hybrid Greenhouses bring you the best of both worlds – diffused overhead sunlight for optimal growth and crystal-clear side panels to show off the results.

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Step into the world of efficient gardening with the Palram Canopia Nature Hybrid Series Greenhouse. This kit strikes a perfect balance with its advanced polycarbonate panels, creating an ideal environment for plant growth. It’s an affordable option for gardeners who seek functionality and ease.

Key features of the Palram Canopia Hybrid Greenhouse Series

  • Optimized light transmission: The greenhouse features crystal clear side panels that provide over 90% light transmission, fostering robust plant growth. Additionally, the 4mm twin-wall roof panels effectively block up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays, preventing plant burn and ensuring a safe growing environment.
  • Built for convenience: Equipped with an adjustable roof vent for optimal airflow and temperature control, rain gutters for efficient water management, and a lockable door with a magnetic catch for secure, easy access.
  • Sturdy foundation: A galvanized steel base adds to the greenhouse’s stability and longevity, ensuring it stands strong in various weather conditions.
  • Additional features for enhanced gardening:
    • Integrated rain gutters and downspout channel rainwater, ideal for water conservation practices.
    • The roof vent and door with magnetic catch promote continuous air circulation, aiding in humidity and temperature regulation.
  • Complete accessory package includes:
    • Plant hangers, automatic roof vent opener, shade kit, shelf kit, heavy-duty shelf kit, and steel workbench, providing numerous options for customization and efficient space utilization.
  • DIY-friendly setup: Designed for easy self-assembly without special tools, featuring a smart panel slide and lock system for quick, accurate setup. The polycarbonate panels slide effortlessly into profile channels, and the aluminum frame is durable, maintenance-free, and rust-resistant, allowing more time for growing and less for maintenance.
  • Comprehensive accessory line: Palram Canopia offers a full range of accessories tailored to make your Nature Hybrid greenhouse more productive and adaptable, enhancing space utilization and providing added protection against the elements.

The Palram Canopia Nature Hybrid Series Greenhouse is the ideal choice for gardeners looking for an affordable, yet practical gardening solution. It blends ease of assembly, efficient design, and a range of accessories to enhance your gardening experience, making it a valuable addition to any

Product Details

  • Material: Aluminum (frame) and galvanized steel (base)
  • Covering material: 4mm twin-wall Polycarbonate (on roof)
  • Vents: 1-2x Adjustable roof vent(s) depending on greenhouse size
  • Door: Lockable hinged double door with magnetic catch
  • Rain gutters: Yes
  • Peak height: 7′
  • Available in multiple sizes:
    • 6′ x 4′
    • 6′ x 6′
    • 6′ x 8′
    • 6′ x 10′
    • 6′ x 14′
  • Color: Forest Green, Gray, Silver
  • Warranty: 5 years (limited)

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