MAZE Worm Farm Starter Kit


Small MAZE Worm Farm Starter Kit: Green and black MAZE Worm Farm with wooden legs
MAZE Worm Farm Starter Kit

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Are you sick of throwing away your organic waste when you could utilize it as a fertilizer for your plants? Then the MAZE Worm Farm Starter Kits will be perfect for you! Choose the size you need and start your own compost.

The MAZE Worm Farm itself has a flexible modern design. With the 2-tray layout, you can switch them around for almost constant composting. Worms will travel to the upper tray once they are done eating the kitchen scraps at the bottom. When the bottom compost is mature, you can use it on your plants and start the tray fresh by stacking it on top.

The design allows for perfect airflow for the worms and provides convenient features. A slide-out worm-saving tray collects larger pieces before falling into the compost tea (at the very bottom). Utilize the tea as a plant fertilizer as well.

These starter kits give you all the necessary things for your first worm farm(s). We offer 4 different packages in 3 different sizes. Starting with one worm farm with either wooden or plastic legs, this is perfect for any smaller households with regular waste. The medium kit comes with 2 worm farms and a 2-tier shelf, so that you can stack them up. Our large MAZE Worm Farm Starter Kit includes 3 units and a 3-tier shelf. The shelves are great for using vertical space instead of taking up all the precious room.

How do you know what MAZE Worm Farm Starter Kit is right for you?

This highly depends on the waste you produce and how many worms you have. Each package already comes with wriggler worms. You’ll get 1 lbs per w