MAZE Liquid Bokashi Spray Bottles


Two pack of Maze Microbe Solution also known as Liquid Bokashi, 500 ml spray bottles
MAZE Liquid Bokashi Spray Bottles

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Are you looking for a simple-to-use accelerant in your composter? MAZE Liquid Bokashi Spray is an easy-to-use spray that starts and accelerates fermentation in indoor and outdoor composters. It can also be used in septic systems to improve performance.

It is made with beneficial microbes known as effective microorganisms (EM). This spray will speed up the composting process. Increasing the speed will also reduce odors. In addition, this pleasantly smelling spray will prevent odors by neutralizing the harmful organisms that cause the odors.

Use as a refill for the MAZE Bokashi Composter Kit, as a natural household cleaner, to deodorize household items such as waste bins, or to improve your composter’s performance. However you choose to use MAZE Liquid Bokashi Spray, you’ll be pleased with this no mess, no fuss spray application, and versatility.

MAZE Products

Since 2004, MAZE Products have been developed with a lifelong connection to the earth and a sense of community in mind. While it all started with hose reels, they expanded their products to compost bins, greenhouses, MINItanks, vertical gardens, and much more. The family-owned business is working to complement its range of innovative, environmentally conscious products with educational resources for the next generation.

Product Details

  • MAZE Liquid Bokashi spray accelerates compost fermentation
  • Made from beneficial microbes known as effective microorganisms (EM)
  • Perfect for use with the MAZE Airtight Bokashi Composter Kit
  • Can be used with or without Bokashi Grains as fermentation starter
  • Benefits of MAZE Liquid Bokashi Spray:
    • No mess application and easy to use spray
    • Convenient package and formulation is unattractive to rodents and other pests, unlike grain
    • Starts anaerobic fermentation process in composting and does not create adverse odors
    • Can be used to decompose cooked and uncooked meat, fish, fruit and vegetables
  • Wide range of uses:
    • Reducing odors from indoors or outdoor composters
    • Eliminating odors from household items such as waste bins and shoes
    • Natural surface cleaner
    • Septic tank additive to improve function
  • Size: Pack of 2x 500ml (17oz) spray bottles provides a 1-2 month supply
  • Made in Australia