MAZE Airtight Bokashi Composter Kit


Black compost bucket with lid on, starter bottle of bokashi spray
MAZE Airtight Bokashi Composter Kit

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You can have the nutrient-rich garden soil you need for optimal plant growth with the MAZE Bokashi Composter Kit. The compact airtight bin allows you to compost your cooked and uncooked kitchen waste, including meat products. This easy-to-use composter works using Bokashi bacteria as an activator.

No need to worry about undesirable odors from this composter! The Bokashi bacteria and process can be described as pleasant smelling. The bacteria speed the fermentation process. Unlike traditional composting, the Bokashi process can include fish and meat discards as well as vegetable and other organic waste. Bokashi works in an anaerobic process and does not require oxygen to be effective. The complete airtight locking lid with silicone seal on the Bokashi Composter Kit ensures that all the fermentation takes place inside the recycled plastic bin.

The compact 3.7-gallon size makes this composter suitable for small spaces, whether you have limited counter space or a tight area under the sink. The composter works quickly to give you compost and a nutrient-rich liquid that can be incorporated into your garden soil. The increased nutrient availability from the compost will keep plants healthy and improve production. Try the Bokashi Composter Kit today to experience the benefits of composting and increased garden yields!

MAZE Products

Since 2004, MAZE Products have been developed with a lifelong connection to the earth and a sense of community in mind. While it all started with hose reels, they expanded their products to compost bins, greenhouses, MINItanks, vertical gardens, and much more. The family-owned business is working to complement its range of innovative, environmentally conscious products with educational resources for the next generation.

Product Details

  • Stylish, compact composter will turn food waste into healthy compost
  • Produces compost and nutrient-rich liquid that can be used as fertilizer
  • Compost cooked or uncooked food (including meat) through a fermentation process using microorganisms
  • Constructed of environmentally friendly recycled plastic
  • Built-in handle to move contents with ease
  • Designed to keep contents and odors securely contained:
    • Airtight locking lid with silicone seal
    • No smells or fruit flies
    • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Built-in tap and strainer for liquid removal
  • Holds up to 3.7 gallons (14 liters)
  • Included in the MAZE Airtight Bokashi Composter Kit:
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Color: Black with green
  • Made in Australia