Kota Grill House


Kota Grill House

**Special Order Only – 15 weeks minimum**

Cooking on an outdoor grill is the most common form of outdoor cooking. With the Kota Grill House, it can now be an extraordinary all-year-round experience. Throwing an outdoor barbeque party doesn’t have to be limited to summer. Kota Grill House can provide the warmth, great food and a cozy place all in one. It’s a pretty special and entertaining way to serve food and enjoy the company of each other.

The Kota Grill House is a unique looking, stylish and practical space for gatherings with friends in a homey setting that is outside of your actual home. The perfect escape to enjoy a cigar or pipe among friends even in cold weather, and of course, the built-in barbecue grill is fun any time of year.

Add value and charm to your outdoor area. Imagine your garden or outside space as an extra room in your home. Backyards are often forgotten spaces because many people are unsure how to tackle them. The Kota Grill House is the perfect solution for an instant charm to your dull space.

Experience the Lapland life in the US!

The grill house is large enough for 10 adults. This unique structure comes complete with a coal-burning grill. It is made from high-quality Scandinavian pine, and the kit comes with a mixture of decorative details such as LED lighting, fold-down side tables, 4 full-size reindeer skins, planters, 5 wooden plates, knives, forks & mugs, kettle, hot pads & glove, bottle opener, clock, guestbook, and wood “phone” and a smoke detector/fire extinguisher.

Features & Benefits of Kota Grill House

  • Designed to be used for fun and/or parties up to 10 adults
  • Well insulated design for use in very cold weather (hunting/fishing cabin)
  • Six-sided or eight-sided design, with 5 bench seats, and 2 drawers
  • 1 split door with double pane window with lock and custom door handle
  • 3 windows – 1 top hinged (all double pane)
  • Includes Lapland accessory kit: 5-7 reindeer hides, 5 wooden plates, knives, forks & mugs, kettle, hot pads & glove, bottle opener, clock, guestbook, and wood “phone”
  • Includes a table around the fireplace for eating, a hood vent shelf, LED lighting (110 volts) and a fire extinguisher
  • The highest quality of unfinished Scandinavian Pinewood (very hardwood)
  • All wood has a smooth finish and rounded edges
  • Wood floor
  • Like every wooden structure, you have to maintain it
  • Storage space above t