Juwel Timber Raised Bed


Juwel Timber Raised Bed

Thanks to the advancement of technology, plastic manufacturers are now creating eco-friendly, and biodegradable products such as the new Juwel Timber Raised Bed. As a result, they are now combining a contemporary high-quality wood appearance with weather durability and strength. It is BPA free, heavy-metal free and 100% recyclable. The injection-molded bricks simply connect together to build a secure raised bed. This is better than wood because there is no painting, splintering or rotting.

You can effortlessly connect the Juwel Timber Raised Bed panels to build the size and height that is ideal for you. The double kit includes a free lightweight and light-duty lid that can be detached in the summertime. This cold frame lid quickly fastens to the top for further protection. You may also customize it by joining a single and a second set to get a triple or quadruple height set!

Raised beds solve a lot of gardening challenges. Here are some of them:

  • It can prevent soil erosion. Your soil will stay where you need it to be. You can keep loose, functional soil without tilling or even stepping on it