Juwel Raised Bed with Cover


Juwel Raised Bed with Cover

The unique Raised Bed Planter is made from heat insulating and frost resistant garden elements (hollow bricks) for better seedling production earlier in the season. Each section is 24in and it comes with a removable cold frame cover which is 5in high and made from twin-wall Polycarbonate. This is great for those of us who no longer want to bend down all the way. Covers are easily removed when the weather gets warmer. This planter is very easy to assemble, it anchors into the ground, and is available in two or three section sizes.

Each unit also includes a Gardena Drip-Hose Irrigation System. Made from food grade safe materials. The hose snakes through the unit and you connect it to a water source using the attachment on the side.

Features & Benefits