Hoklartherm Riga 3 Greenhouse 10×11


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Hoklartherm Riga 3 Greenhouse 10x11

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The Riga 3 Greenhouse from Hoklartherm is the perfect size for people who cannot fit a large greenhouse or want a small(-ish) year-round garden. Riga greenhouses are made to withstand serious weather due to the framing quality and shape.

The special “onion” design is both artistic and functional. With sloping sides, snow easily slides to the ground and high winds gently curve around the structure. There are no leaves to remove in fall as there are no sharp edges to catch and collect.

And let’s not forget the functional features of this greenhouse. With 8mm UV-coated Polycarbonate on the sides and 10mm in the front and back, the Riga uses a thicker material that insulates better than a glass window in your house. One roof vent with automatic opener and one rear wall window assist in ventilation. The heavy-duty barn style door with a keyed handle lock, wide enough to fit a wheelbarrow, can be opened for additional breeze when desired. All windows and doors have great insulation with silicone caulking and heavy duty seals.

Features & Benefits of Riga 3 Greenhouse

  • Sturdy “onion”-shaped construction that withstands large amounts of snow and strong winds
  • Sidewall material/thickness: 8mm UV-coated twin-wall Polycarbonate
  • Gable material/thickness: 10mm UV-coated twin-wall Polycarbonate glazing in front and back gables
  • Frame material: Smooth finished anodized aluminum
  • First class insulation:
    • Heavy-duty rubber seals and silicon caulking to seal windows
    • High-quality construction with tightly fitted parts
    • R-value: 3.0
  • Door: 1x wide, heavy-duty Dutch barn style door (30in wide x 79in high), handle with key lock
  • Roof vents: 1x roof window (40in wide x 24in long) with an automatic opener which works without electricity
  • 1x large rear wall window (30in wide x 42in long) that allows for cross ventilation
  • Wind tolerance: 120 mph with 3-second gusts
  • Snow capacity: 30 PSF ground-snow load
  • Included in the Riga 3 Greenhouse Kit:
    • Profiles, glazing, rubber seals, and hardware
    • 1x roof vent with automatic opener
    • 1x barn-style door
    • 1x rear wall window
    • Assembly instruction (also available here)
  • Optional accessories:
    • 6” high foundation frame: If you add this, you don’t need a concrete or wooden footer. This foundation frame will attach to the bottom of the greenhouse frame and goes into a trench in order to anchor the whole greenhouse.
    • Premium kit: See details below
    • Door extension kit: Set your greenhouse on a 20-inch stem wall. This kit gives you the missing pieces of Polycarbonate (+ profiles) that go above the doors. It includes 2x extensions for both doors.
  • Rainwater gutter system: No (not possible because of greenhouse shape)
  • Stem wall: Supported by manufacturer (up to 20in; need to order a Door Extension Kit)
  • Expandable: No
  • Frame color: Aluminum/silver
  • Sidewall height: 6ft 1in high near shelves
  • Peak height (interior): 7ft 6in
  • Floor space: 102 sq. ft.
  • Dimensions: 9ft 8in wide x 10ft 6in long x 7ft 7in high
  • Assembly time: 2 people – 1 day; 3 people – 6-8 hours
  • Warranty:
    • Twin-wall Polycarbonate: 10 years (prorated after 5 years)
    • Frame: 15 years
  • Made in Germany
  • Shipping information: Greenhouse ships in 3 boxes, premium kit ships in 4 boxes. This product is delivered via LTL which is curbside delivery only. The driver will be using a pallet ja