Delta Park Raised Garden Kit


Delta Park Raised Garden Kit

Delta Park Raised Garden Kit is easy to set up and maintain. Grow your vegetables in an organized way by setting borders. It keeps your plants from unwanted weeds. It will also prevent soil compaction. Heavy rains might cause soil erosion, which will be prevented with garden beds. The garden bed provides good drainage. It serves as a barrier to pests and you can definitely plant in an earlier season because the soil is warmer.

Enjoy gardening with fewer back pains. No more bending too much. This is helpful for people with backaches and elderlies. All you need to do is sit on the edge and take care of your plant. Maintaining gardening can now be easily achieved.

Features & Benefits of Delta Park Raised Garden Kit

  • Lightweight garden bed assembly kit
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble alone – no tools required
  • Quick and easy lengthwise assembly
  • Alternatively, connect at the corners for easy assembly
  • Rust-resistant galvanized steel with G120 zinc coating: Low maintenance needed and long life (25+ years)
  • Makes a great gift for the garden lover in your life
  • Includes 6 panels per package to build one long garden bed or hexagonal bed
  • Every panel has a 3 1/8in long peg
  • 0.5in panel thickness
  • Dimensions of 1 panel: 39in wide x 79in long
  • Two different heights available: 5.5in or 7.5in