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The Americana greenhouse is big enough to build that garden sanctuary you have ever craved. The barn-style roof gives an adequate place for both gardening and relaxation. Feel the rich airflow and create a suitable atmosphere for you and your plants. Now your plants can have more capacity to stretch and room to experience your passion for gardening.

The hexagonal greenhouse is made up of a galvanized steel base, twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels, and a rust-resistant aluminum support. It additionally prevents up to 99.9% of serious UV rays at the same time passing 90% light transmission so your plants will prosper. Let your greenhouse attract attention while still providing a room for your plants to branch out.

The church style Chalet greenhouse creates an elegant character. This draws an outstanding attention for gardening and leisure activities. It is spacious for each of your gardening plans. Organize the garden of your fantasies with the spacious arrangement and artistic structure of your Palram chalet greenhouse.