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Why buy a Royal Victorian Greenhouse?

Royal Victorian Greenhouse is one of the leading greenhouses in the “Helios” series of greenhouses from Janssens in Belgium and gives a first-class quality greenhouse setting. Janssens has been manufacturing high-end glass greenhouses for more than 30 years and following the presentation of the Victorian model way back in 1999, Janssens has become a leading supplier in Europe.

And that’s also why Exaco Trading imports them to the U.S. market. Exaco only chooses high-quality products, and they offer excellent customer service to help you with any post-purchase problems (if they even occur).

It is built to be tough and long-lasting, the structure is made from aluminum and has a solid and strong gauge. The 4mm tempered glass is perfect for your safety while adding insulation, value, and security. It is sealed with heavy-duty rubber. And not just that, they are also 1mm thicker than what most competitors apply. The single panel layout assists to strengthen your greenhouse and makes it manageable to maintain cleanliness.

Experience years of maintenance-free convenience. Start enjoying the luxurious interior workspace and a complete panorama of your surroundings. Royal Victorian Greenhouse is presently offering a 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels instead of the conventional 4mm tempered safety glass. This may not be as clear as glass, but it has nearly twice the insulative benefit and is durable. This makes it more resistant to severe weather. It is taped on the tip and bottom to seal from the fog that should help for the clouding.

Highlights of Royal Victorian Greenhouse

The glass panels are tightened with heavy rubber sealing for better insulation than
other glass greenhouses
Its 4mm tempered glass is 1mm thicker than most competitors
X-Strong polycarbonate panels emphasize beveled corners with U-shaped metal end caps for improved strength
Appreciate the elegant, European-styled roof edge
This is a classic English greenhouse
Constructed with thicker and stronger aluminum profiles
It has a higher design which is 1 foot above to give you extra headspace
It comes with a sliding door which can be installed on any side of the greenhouse
The roof windows come with an old-fashioned shaft and an improved automatic window opener
It includes a misting system and it only requires a hose to attach
It includes 6″ high foundation frame
It includes a particular one-piece vertical glass that will not be packed with dirt