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Greenhouse Gardening Organic Pest Control – Shore Flies

Organic Pest Control Shore Flies

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Shore flies are tiny insects that inhabit seashores or other similar damp habitats such as pond and lakesides. The flies’ distinguishing characteristics are the light-colored spots on their wings. They are harmful to plants in your greenhouse because they spread harmful fungal spores to greenhouse plants. They also are a nuisance. Eliminate shore flies in your greenhouse kit today using the following organic pest control methods.

1. Control algae growth

Shore flies thrive in locations that exhibit above-average algae growth levels. Therefore, effective shore fly management should involve managing algae growth. Effective measures include reducing the use of fertilizer and eliminating irrigation runoff by fixing broken irrigation systems and sealing leaking hoses.

2. Practice good sanitation 

Shore flies thrive in damp and dirty conditions; therefore, minimizing damp conditions is also another effective management practice. This involves removing plant debris from your greenhouse and scrubbing off algae from the workbenches, walls, and any part of the greenhouse that may harbor them.

3. Use biological management practices

Predatory mites (Hypoaspis miles) are effective in controlling shore flies because they feed on the larvae of the insect. However, the predatory mite is only effective on soil and not standing water. Since shore flies reproduce in water just as they do in damp soil, the predatory mites may not offer a comprehensive control mechanism on their own.

Two other biological control methods are the use of staphylinid beetles that dwells in the soil and beneficial fungi, (Beauvaria basianna) that occur naturally in the soil. The former feeds onshore flies while spores of the latter are known to attach to the larvae of shore flies, penetrate the larval cuticle and eventually infect the body cavity.

4. Monitor and trap using yellow sticky cards

Shore flies are generally harmless. They, however, are a nuisance and you can monitor infestation using yellow sticky cards. You can use the same card to trap them. This method, though not very effective, is essential. In fact, you should buy yellow sticky cards when buying your greenhouse kits.

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