MONT 8×8 Greenhouse



  • MONT Automatic Roof Vent Kit


    The MONT Automatic Roof Vent is designed for simple and easy installation that should take about 30 minutes to install on existing MONT Greenhouses. It is intended to add ventilation and temperature regulation to all MONT Greenhouses. This ventilation system will improve the air quality inside your greenhouse. This roof vent is designed for black-framed […]


    MONT Door Kit


    The MONT Door Kit is designed to allow MONT Greenhouse owners to add an additional dual hinged door to the rear end of their greenhouse. The 8mm twin-wall Polycarbonate acts as a double pane window keeping colder air in during warm periods and protecting the greenhouse from the chilly air in the winter. This is […]


    RSI 18-inch Wall Mounted Louver Window


    Keep your plants protected from excess heat. The RSI 18-inch Wall Mounted Louver Window with solar-powered opener helps to cool and give sufficient airflow inside your greenhouse. It has a simplistic, easy to install and proven design to ventilate and leaves a cooling effect inside. This will generally fit on any construction. This temperature-sensitive louver […]



  • MONT Solar Powered Ventilation System


    The MONT Solar Powered Ventilation System is intended to regulate the temperature in your greenhouse throughout the hot and colder periods. Most plants will not blossom and fruit at temperatures over 85 degrees. To get the plants to bloom, temperature control is important. This ventilation system can quickly be set-up to run through a deep […]


    MONT Greenhouse Sink System


    From Riverstone Industries comes the only inexpensive portable outdoor sink program on the industry today. The MONT Greenhouse Sink System’s spacious work surface area allows a full capacity to be placed outdoors within minutes and all that is needed is a standard garden hose. With the MONT outdoors sink, you can keep the dirt out […]


    RSI Greenhouse Heating System


    The RSI greenhouse and building heating system is designed to deliver a direct heat and allow for the temperature to be maintained over long periods of time. The ceiling-mounted design allows the heater to be used to maximize airflow. The design of the bracket also will allow the heater to be directed in any direction […]


    RSI Radiant Propane Gas Greenhouse Heater


    If you are looking for an efficient heating system to deliver heat with infrared and radiant technology, look no further! The RSI Radiant Propane Gas Greenhouse Heater is a ventless, propane-powered unit that can be mounted to a wall or used free-standing on the included removable legs. The beauty of this system is it is […]



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MONT 8x8 Greenhouse

The MONT manufactured and produced by Riverstone Industries has an above-average interior height, going as high as 7ft 6in at its peak which greatly helps in displacing heat, while also allowing tall gardeners to stand straight up inside their greenhouse.

The automatic roof vent openers, the hinged double doors (6ft x 4ft) and the built-in rainwater gutter system ensure that you will be able to grow inside your MONT greenhouse for many years to come.

The best feature of all is that your MONT Greenhouse is backed with the STRONGEST 10YR WARRANTY in the industry; covering not only your frame but also the Polycarbonate sidewalls and roof.

Are you looking for years of hassle-free indoor gardening? Are you looking for a commercial grade greenhouse in a hobby greenhouse package? Then look no further because with Monticello you get it all.

100% Made In The USAFact: When you buy a MONT Greenhouse you are buying a Greenhouse that is 100% Manufactured In The USA, by Riverstone Industries, using US Grade Aluminum. A MONT Greenhouse uses on average 40lbs more aluminum than the average imported greenhouse.

Question: What does this mean for you as the owner?

Answer: It means you are getting a greenhouse that is constructed right here in the USA with the highest quality extruded aluminum, not the more brittle & thinner foreign aluminum. Remember, the weaker the framework the less snow and the less wind it can handle.

Fact: Instead of using the thinner less expensive roofing and wall materials(some as thin as .2mm) Riverstone Industries decided to use 8mm twin-wall Polycarbonate which is the same exact thickness used in commercial greenhouses.

Question: How does this benefit me?

Answer: You choose 8mm twin-wall Polycarbonate for the same reason you choose double pane windows. Because it keeps it cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. Which in turn cuts down your electric bill, if you choose to grow year-round but also provides for a more efficient grow environment.

Features & Benefits of the MONT 8×8 Greenhouse (101in x 101in)

  • Heavy-duty frame construction that can withstand high wind and snow loads
  • Uses 40 lbs more aluminum than the average imported greenhouse, which makes it sturdier
  • Frame material: Extruded aluminum (US grade, stronger, thicker)
  • High-impact, UV-stable Polycarbonate glazing
  • Glazing material: 8 mm twin-wall Polycarbonate on roof and walls
  • Faster and easier assembly: Patent-pending Twist & Lock construction, as well as rigid “ribbed” design for interlocking the pieces
  • 1x roof vents (2ft x 2 ft) with automatic openers for great air circulation without the need of electricity
  • Expandable: Yes, in 4-foot sections
  • Large double door (4ft wide x 6ft high) for easy access with garden equipment
  • Door is hinged and lockable (not with key)
  • Foundation frame: Integrated flush base design for direct anchoring to the ground or deck
  • Integrated dual gutter system for easy rainwater collection
  • Stem wall: Not supported by manufacturer
  • Included in the MONT 8×8 Greenhouse :
    • Greenhouse kit: All Aluminum framework, all Polycarbonate panels, set of hinged double doors (assembled), and 1x roof vents with automatic openers
    • Hardware
    • Instruction manual, screwdriver, and wrench
  • Optional flooring:
    • Flexible and adaptable to different surfaces such as lawn, sand, ground, and concrete
    • Interlocking tile modules
    • Fits the footprint of this greenhouse
    • Material: 100% regenerated Polypropylene (HDPE)
    • For more information, have a look here
  • Frame Color: Black (electrostatically painted)
  • Snow load capacity: 24lbs/sq. ft.
  • Sidewall height: 58 in (4.8 ft)
  • Peak height (interior): 7.5 ft
  • Exact dimensions: 101in wide x 101in long x 90in high
  • Floor space: 65 sq. ft.
  • Warranty: 10 years on frame and Polycarbonate (strongest in the industry)
  • Made in the USA

Available Packages and Editions

PREMIUM PACKAGE: If you want to start with some accessories right away, you should check out the MONT Premium. It comes with a workbench system for one side, programmable watering system, sink, and interior shade cloth system. Click here to go to MONT 8×8 Premium

LIFE CYCLE EDITION: This is an accessory-packed edition that sets you up with everything you need. The MONT Life Cycle Edition includes the base greenhouse kit. It also comes with a workbench, programmable watering system, sink, interior shade cloth, MAZE Composter Starter Pack, and the Eden Pyramid Raised Garden Bed. Click here to go to MONT 8×8 Life Cycle

GROWERS EDITION: If you want to grow cannabis, the MONT Growers Edition is best for you. It has light defusing panels so that the light distribution is perfect and your privacy is protected at the same time. The Growers Package comes with an electric ventilation system, a workbench system for one side, a commercial heater (17,000 BTU), and a programmable drip irrigation system. Click here to go to MONT 8×8 Growers.

Please Note – Allow for a FULL weekend to fully assemble (ground prep included). Two people suggested for assembly. Manual is fully illustrated.