Janssens Junior Victorian J-VIC 25 Greenhouse 8ft x 15ft


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    Janssens Additional Roof Window


    Add more cross breeze to your greenhouse by adding a Janssens Additional Roof Window. This is an additional roof window for Janssens Victorian Greenhouses. It’s the same unit that already comes with the greenhouse kit but maybe you want to add another vent to your greenhouse. Features & Benefits Additional roof vent for Janssens Greenhouses Provides […]


    Janssens Automatic Roof Window Opener


    The Automatic Roof Window Opener is intended to automatically regulate the temperature and to provide better ventilation in all Royal Victorian Greenhouses. As the air inside the greenhouse warms, the vent gradually opens to release the suitable amount of airflow into the greenhouse and closes when the optimal temperature is attained. The vent arm is designed […]


    Janssens Royal Victorian Louver Window


    Janssens Royal Victorian Louver Window adds another possibility for better interior ventilation to your Royal Victorian Greenhouse. The greenhouse already has one louver window included, but you may want a second one to provide the perfect growing environment for your plants. It helps to maintain the interior at a suitable temperature. Features & Benefits Provide the […]


    Janssens Spindle Opener for Roof Window


    The Spindle Opener for Roof Window allows manual ventilation in your Royal Victorian Greenhouse. A spindle opener is great in windy locations because it secures the window and you can decide when to open and close it. The spindle opener is attached to the frame and the roof window. By spinning the pole, you can […]


    Riga Roof Window Wind Restraint System


    The Riga Roof Window Wind Restraint System protects your windows with auto-openers from powerful wind gusts that blow the vent open. Wind gust obstacles such as accidents, breakage or roof opener damages are minimized. This system has two 15in stainless steel cables with nuts and bolts. Good for one window.  Note: This is exclusive for Riga & […]



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    Fly Screens for Janssens Greenhouses


    Are you tired of flies and other pests entering your greenhouse when you open vents and louvers? Do flying pests make it inside your greenhouse every time you open the door? The Fly Screens for Janssens Greenhouses are your solution! These heavy-duty screens fit perfectly inside the greenhouse door and over roof vents and louvers […]


    Exaco Exhaust Fan & Intake Shutter Vent


    Move and refresh the stagnant air in your greenhouse with the Exaco Exhaust Fan to create a healthier and more productive growing environment. This ventilation system is able to make a complete change of air in 1 to 3 minutes in summer to keep temperatures in the greenhouse at a reasonable level. The Exaco Exhaust […]


    Janssens Seed Tray Shelves


    Seed trays are a practical addition to any greenhouse. The Janssens Seed Tray Shelves attach perfectly to your Janssens greenhouse. They are the best way to keep your greenhouse neat and to care for plants at a working height. The Janssens Seed Trays are made of aluminum with a corrugated, interlocking bottom for easy cleaning […]


    Shelving For Victorian & Riga Greenhouses


    Extra shelving is an excellent alternative to have increased room for pots and planters in your Victorian or Riga Greenhouse. We offer two different measurements: 2-slats and 5-slats shelving. They are connected to the frame for a firmer structure, as well as more room on the ground. It is proven to be a reliable working shelf.  Features […]


    Riga Greenhouse Seed Trays


    The Riga Greenhouse Seed Trays enable to efficiently grow your fancied plants on the shelves. It easily fits the Polycarbonate shelving. This maximizes your yield, as well as helps to put everything in order. Seed trays make starting seeds and transplanting with no difficulty.  Features & Benefits Heavy-duty Simply fits the Polycarbonate shelving Maximizes your yield Make […]


    Eden Deep Root V-Shaped Garden Table


    Plant and grow deep-rooted plants next to your shallow plants with the Eden V-shaped Garden Table. No bending over to pursue your gardening hobby. This raised bed is perfect for small spaces, such as patios, and it can give you a head start into the season. The V-shaped design allows you to grow plants that need […]


    Greenhouse Misting System


    Do you want to cool down your greenhouse? Or are you growing tropical plants that need a higher humidity? Then the Greenhouse Misting System is a great choice! It can be installed in any greenhouse, which is up to 20ft in length. The Greenhouse Misting System itself is 14ft long but can be cut shorter […]


    Genesis Drip Irrigation System


    The Genesis Drip Irrigation System is created for gardeners and growers who are looking to conserve water consumption by delivering the right amount of water directly to the root system of plants. Each of the Genesis Drip Irrigation Systems is designed for specific projects to make it easier to select the system that is right […]