Hoklartherm Riga XL 6 Greenhouse 14×19




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    GrowMax Water Pro Grow 2000


    Two-stage water filtration for greenhouses of 200 sq. ft. and above, large community gardens, hydroponics, and home gardens


    Greenhouse Misting System


    The Hoklartherm Greenhouse Misting System can be installed in any greenhouse, which is up to 20′ in length. The Greenhouse Misting System is 14ft long but can be cut shorter easily.  The misting system generates a high-pressure vapor or mist that fades spontaneously to humidify without creating too much moisture. Features & Benefits 14ft long […]


    Genesis Drip Irrigation System


    The Genesis Drip Irrigation System is created for gardeners and growers who are looking to conserve water consumption by delivering the right amount of water directly to the root system of plants. Each of the Genesis Drip Irrigation Systems is designed for specific projects to make it easier to select the system that is right […]