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It has the equivalent thickness applied in industrial greenhouses. The twin-wall polycarbonate serves as a double pain window retaining cooler air during warm months and protecting the greenhouse from cold air in winter. It is built from the highest quality extruded aluminum (US grade) and guaranteed to have a 0.0% lead. Every aspect of this greenhouse has been designed for harsh environments. It is durability and strength at its best.

MONT is planned to be constructed in just two to three days or less depending on how much assistance you have with just basic home tools. Pieces like quick-connect screws, the integrated base, the integrated gutter and downspout arrangement, and the pre-hung hinged door and vents expedite up the process.

MONT Mojave Greenhouse is proudly designed and made in the USA!

Detailed Features of MONT Mojave Edition Greenhouse

  • Available in four sizes: 8ft x 12ft, 8ft x 16ft, 8ft x 20ft, and 8ft x 24ft
  • 2ft x 2ft roof vents with automatic openers
  • Hinged lockable double doors
  • Door size: 6ft high x 4ft wide
  • Integrated flush base design
  • High-impact UV-stable 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate walls and roof that are UV-stabilized, impact-resistant, and provide the highest insulation for the lowest running cost
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum frame construction
  • Colors: Black or Aluminum
  • Integrated dual rain water gutter system
  • Patent pending Twist & Lock single bolt (allowing for fewer parts)
  • Expandable in 4ft increments
  • Snow load of 24lbs/sq. ft. (1.536 lbs.)
  • Wind tolerance of 65 mph
  • Planned for easy construction in just 4 hours or so with basic house tools and all pieces are pre-cut and pre-drilled
  • Black electrostatically painted frame
  • Full warranty on frame and polycarbonate side walls and roof
  • Average cost to run greenhouse year round $125-$175
  • Perfect for growing in any environment
  • Elegantly designed to suit any yard
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

MONT Mojave Edition Only Accessories

  • Tinted roof panels and dual roof vents
    • Reduce the necessity for an external shade cloth
    • It creates a functional and aesthetically charming appearance while making it easy to manage the interior temperature
  • Solar ventilation system
    • Helps circulate air within your greenhouse and help keep your plants at a suitable temperature using solar power
    • No electrical outlets are needed at all
    • The panel is twice as powerful as required to operate the fan
    • An optional marine battery can be connected
    • Easy installation
  • RSI Vegi-Bee mechanical pollinator system
    • Battery-powered
    • It lets you pollinate your plants by hand
    • Mimics the high-frequency waves made by the wings of bees
    • Eliminates the demand for bees or the wind to pollinate
    • Perfect for all varieties of plants
    • It operates at 38000 sonic waves per minute
    • It includes a comfortable vibration decreasing handle
    • Water-resistant and FDA approved

MONT Mojave also includes these Premium Edition Accessories

  • MONT folding commercial workbench system
    • The well-designed workstation workbench can be placed on both side of your greenhouse
    • Easy assembly
    • The shelves are made of industrial-grade PVC
    • They are vented to let water and air to flow as well as daylight
    • It allows maximum floor space
  • MONT programmable watering system
    • An industrial-grade system comparable to that used by expert growers
    • Designed to hang from the roof
    • The digital timer enables you to automatically program your watering periods
    • The hose is also commercial merchandise and is particularly intended to stop mold and bacteria growth
    • Installation is simple
  • MONT Greenhouse potting sink system
    • The tall outside sink is unique to Riverstone
    • It includes a mounting kit
    • The built-in detachable hose wheel can accommodate up to 200 feet of garden hose (hose not included)
    • It is remarkably accessible and is ideal for your washing or watering demands