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Juliana is producing greenhouses for 50 years now. Their trademark is great quality with beautiful designs. These greenhouses are made for hobby gardeners that like to use their greenhouse for leisure time and social gatherings as well. Juliana is one of the biggest manufacturers of home greenhouses in Europe and now they are also taking over the market in the USA.

Two greenhouses from Juliana. One has glass walls and the other Polycarbonate and the text in the middle: Juliana Greenhouses elegant design with glass or PolycarbonateWhy you should buy a Juliana Greenhouse

  • Danish manufacturing: Built to the highest quality standards
  • Made for Scandinavian climate: Able to withstand the prevailing wind velocities and volumes of snow
  • Easy to access: Large hinged barn-style doors and low doorsteps
  • Barn-style door enables extra ventilation while keeping rodents away
  • Collect rainwater: Gutter with downspouts
  • Roof windows or side windows provide great ventilation
  • Comes with the base for secure anchoring
  • Different glazing material: 3 mm toughened glass, 3 mm horticultural glass, as well as 6 mm or 10 mm Polycarbonate
  • Full-length pieces for the walls improves the design and decreases maintenance work
  • Two different colors: Aluminum/Black and Anthracite/Black
  • Tall side walls for a maximum of workspace
  • Give it your own touch: Roof prepared for decorations
  • Powder-coated frame for durability
  • Good for year-round harvesting and growing
  • Manuals and assembly videos included
  • Extensive accessory collection made by Juliana or other manufacturers (because of the channel in the frame, you can use universal accessories)
  • Warranty: 12 years for replacements or repair of faulty parts & 2 years on painted parts, where fitted
  • Made in Denmark