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Reasons for owning Riga L Greenhouse Kits

The unique onion shape limits heavy snowfall by letting snow to safely slide to the ground. It helps to preserve the warmth inside even throughout winter periods. The slanted roof pattern lessens wind resistance, stopping the frame from damage. The domed roof is not just for durability but also for comfort. It maximizes the headroom so you don’t have to stoop like other greenhouse models.

Riga’s thick polycarbonate walls with rubber seals insulate and shield plants from the frost in wintertime and at the same time preventing damaging UV rays in summer. Insulating not only keep your plants fresh but it can also help you to save energy if you choose to use artificial heating in your greenhouse. The thick polycarbonate wall plan is also sealed throughout the borders to stop bugs and pets from touching to your plants.

Features of Riga L Greenhouse Kits

  • Unique “onion” shape for exceptional durability and protection against the extreme weather
  • One of the strongest hobby greenhouses possible
  • No eaves or shoulders
  • Higher and wider than the Riga S for more headroom and space
  • 8mm UV-coated twin wall polycarbonate covering the main frame
  • 10mm twin wall polycarbonate on front and back for combined strength
  • Heavy gauge extruded aluminum for the frame
  • Heavy-duty rubber seals for better insulation
  • Insulation rate: R and K-values of 3.0
  • Silicon caulk to seal around windows
  • Heavy-duty Dutch-style barn door with keyed lock
  • It comes standard with an oversized rear-wall window for excellent ventilation
  • Roof windows with automatic openers, rear window, and door for optimal natural ventilation
  • Optional add-ons available, such as shelves, door extensions, and additional windows

And more reasons here:

Growing all year round

You can now plant any time of the year. Stretch your arms and grow your all-time favorite fruits and veggies whenever you want. Experience blooming your favorite orchids in the middle of winter.

You are in control with little work

This is a greenhouse that sustains a regulated condition during the year is perfect for both exotic and native plants. Just water and nurture your plants and you are good to go. The Riga does the rest. The roof windows open automatically to release hot air. Use the upper door part and the rear window to let more air in. In winter the insulation helps to keep the inside warm and cozy, but you may consider a heater to provide the best growing environment.

Weather Resistance

The construction allows snow to slide down the sides, heavy wind to blow over without damaging the greenhouse, and the robust panels withstand hail as well. So you won’t have problems with the weather whatsoever.

More space to grow your plants

More plants can be nurtured in a high-quality greenhouse. You can even try cross-breeding species without bothering about random pollination.

Fewer Bugs

Greenhouses can further shield your produce from common bugs that might damage your crop, including snails, insects, aphids, and other plant eaters.

Savings, savings, savings

Greenhouse kits give all the advantages of an indoor growing space without the expense. It may seem like a complicated task but based on the given instructional DVD, assembly diagrams, you can definitely make yourself proud of assembling your own greenhouse kit. You can avoid the cost of hiring a professional by acquiring an equipment to easily construct yourself. No need to buy overpriced out of seasoned fruits and veggies. Organic food is healthy food. So more savings on excellent health and fitness.